Solve it and Escape

Bring your team together on a problem solving adventure


You and your team of 2-6 people are given a mission then enter a themed room.
When the door closes, the timer starts.You have 60 minutes to work together to find clues, crack codes, solve puzzles and open many different locks to ultimately solve the mission and make an escape before the time runs out!
It is a challenging, yet exhilarating, team building experience...
Are you up for the challenge?


Escape Rooms are one of the most fun things to do in Invercargill.
Get your team together and have a go!

All you have to do is choose a room and book,
we will take care of the rest.


Booking Essential

For bookings more than 4 weeks in advance, please contact us.


A mad scientist has been developing a deadly virus in his laboratory.
Your job is to figure out where he is planning to release the virus, find the antidote and Escape before there is a full scale outbreak!



Panic has erupted at the Invercargill police station as a ransom note has been discovered in the doorway stating a bomb has been planted and will explode in 60 minutes. Your team has been deployed to find and disarm the bomb before it’s too late!



You have been offered the job of a lifetime!
It seems like a foolproof plan, but has your team got the skills necessary to pull off a robbery of this scale? If you are successful, and get your hands on the Excelsior Diamond, you will be rich beyond your wildest dreams! If not, you will spend the next 10 years behind bars...


The Inheritance

An email has just dropped into your inbox. An uncle you never really knew has just passed away. His Will has stated that every member of his extended family has the chance to inherit everything he had.
This guy was wealthy, really wealthy. It’s a long shot but if you can complete the challenge he has set for the family you will inherit the lot!
Book now to register yourself for this challenge!!



Gift an Adventure

A Solve it and Escape voucher is the perfect gift for any occasion.




1How much does it cost?
2-3 people = $30 per person
4-6 people = $25 per person
Children 12 and under = $16
This can either be paid at time of booking or on arrival.

Just to clarify for families:
2 adults 1 Child 30+30+16
3 adults 1 child 25+25+25+16
2 adults 2 children 25+25+16+16
2Are the rooms scary?
Our intention is not to scare, but to entertain and provide fun.
3What happens if you can’t solve a puzzle or work out a clue?
There is a game master that watches the game as you play.
You can communicate with them via a walkie-talkie and they will provide further clues or put you on track if required.
The games are designed that not all groups will be able to escape the room in the given time.
4What age must you be?
There is no age restriction, but any group aged 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult.
5What time do I need to arrive?
We ask that you please arrive 10 minutes before your game as it is important that we start on time.
On arrival, we will explain the game and give you your mission before you start.
You then have 60 minutes to complete your challenge.
After your game there will be a debriefing and team photo taken.
The whole experience from when you arrive lasts around 75-85 minutes.
If your team is more than 10 minutes late your game time may be reduced or refused entry.
6How do the gift vouchers work?
When you buy a gift voucher, you choose the number of people you want this experience for.
This gift voucher can the be redeemed within a year. When booking select the 'pay on arrival' option.
You will need to bring the voucher with you so that it can be redeemed.
7Can I change my booking?
If you let us know 48 hours before your start time, we can change your booking date/time or issue you with gift vouchers to the value of your booking.
If there are going to be additional people join your team (up to a total of 6 players per room), please inform us on arrival.
8Are the doors locked?
No the doors are not locked behind you, you can exit the room at any time however the clock will not stop. So make sure you go to the toilet before you start.


Opening Hours

Wednesday - Sunday: 9.45am - 10.00pm
Bookings Essential

For bookings 4 weeks in advance, multiple room bookings, booking outside regular opening hours or other enquiries, please leave a message below:

170 Dee Street Invercargill (above E Hayes & Sons)
027 8874590