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Workplace Challenge

Workplace Challenge

We know you love a challenge so why not get your Work Group together and have a go at taking out the top spot on our workplace challenge leaders board. 

What is the Workplace Challenge?

Workplaces compete against each others time to win bragging rights and their spot on the workplace leaderboard.

The game is played as normal, expect time penalties are added for clues.

Because there is company reputation at stake, there are a couple of rules:

  • Groups of 2-6 players
  • Teams are allowed two free clues. Any additional clues are a given with a time penalty of 3 minutes added to your teams finished time.

It is up to you to decide whether to take the clue and save yourself 3 mins trying to figure something out, or back your teams skills and knowledge believing you can make sense of what you have found in front of you.

How to Enter

Simply book as normal (via the website, phone or email), or simply tell us you would like to be part of the workplace challenge on arrival.

Alternatively, use the form below and we will get back to you.

It is going to take teamwork, problem solving, strategy and a little ‘out of the box thinking’ to get your mugs onto the workplace leaderboard.