Team Building – Solve it & Escape

Team Building

We have a unique team building experience for your group. We know that good team morale is fundamental for any business, group or organisation. It increases productivity and supports a positive team atmosphere, that is why team building is essential.


Not only are escape rooms fun but they show case and develop fundamental team skills such as:

  • Communication
  • Working towards a common goal
  • Listening to others
  • Collaboration to overcome challenges
  • Admitting mistakes and try a different approach
  • Everyone brings a unique quality to the game
  • Different individuals lead at different points of the game
  • Strengths shine

But most importantly teamwork is essential to overcome the many challenges all with the pressure of a timer ticking away.


How can we cater for you?

We can currently host up to 12 people at once, split into two groups. (We will ultimately have four rooms open enabling us to host up to 24 people in one session).

If your group is larger than this we recommend the others grab a coffee or lunch then do a swap.

Team Building